Rotary Youth Exchange

It truly takes a very special student to consider oneself as capable of spending a year abroad away from friends and loved ones.

Netta Lipsanen arrived from Finland in July 2014 for the Rotary year of New Generations. A truly amazing, life-changing experience for her, here in Australia.  As a long term Rotary Youth exchange student, Netta was immersed in the Australian culture, where she had the opportunity to develop lifetime friendships with amazing rewarding experiences.

Netta attended Westbourne Grammar school where she profited in multiple ways through the learning’s.  The club is grateful to Westbourne Grammar for  providing the tuition and support throughout the year.

My appreciation goes to Netta’s host families: Rotarian Peter, Judy and Emilie Washington, Rotarian Craig Dowling partner Christine Pavkov along with Jennifer and Steph, Narelle Lappin a friend & family of our Rotary Club, for opening their homes to Netta.

Thank you also to our club members who have supported Netta throughout the year.10294416_997400016942783_9159419467505138068_n

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What a fantastic year  it has been for Netta Lipsanen.

Julie Krause
Youth Services Director 

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